The Australian Wine Specialist

A Short History Of Australian Wine

Australia has been perfecting the art of winemaking for more than two hundred years. This has led to a rich legacy of ancient vineyards and traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. Australia has a deep respect for the winemaking process and combines this with a spirit of adventure and innovation. With a mosaic of 65 wine regions, each with a unique climate and terroir, Australia stands out as a unique and remarkable wine-producing country. From the historic vineyards of the Barossa Valley to the modern wineries of Margaret River, each region contributes to the diversity and complexity of Australian wines.

Premium Australian Wines in Europe

Why Australian Wines?

In the never ending choices for wine lovers in Europe, Australian wines are often overlooked in favour of traditional European producers. This is a shame because Australian wines offer a unique combination of innovative winemaking techniques and distinct flavors that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Our mission at The Australian Wine Company is to introduce you to the versatility and quality of Australian wines, and help you choose some of the best examples. We combine our expertise with local knowledge from the best Australian winemakers to offer you a selection that is both surprising and totally unique.

Australian Style, Variety and Regions

The story of Australian wine is intertwined with the themes of distinction, diversity and geography. Australian wines are famous for their bold flavors and innovative winemaking methods. The vineyards are a treasure trove of grape varieties, ranging from the world famous Shiraz and Chardonnay to native varieties that encapsulate the unique essence of the Australian landscape.

The Australian Climate

Climate plays a crucial role in the quality of Australian wines. The heat and rain determine the richness and characteristics of the fruit. As the climate changes, winemakers are adapting by testing new grape varieties and revising vineyard techniques. The variety and richness of Australian fruits are a direct reflection of the diverse climates and landscapes in which they are grown. From the roasted Chardonnays of Margaret River to the elegant Pinot Noir of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and Geelong, each wine is an expression of its unique terroir.

Australian Landscape

Australia's variety and terroir take their wines to international heights. Each wine tells the story of its origins, an invitation to enjoy Australia's diverse and vibrant wine regions. The concept of terroir is central to the identity of these wines and encompasses the different soil, weather and geographical characteristics that manifest in each vintage. In Australia, this idea manifests itself in a lush mosaic of flavors and expressions, with identical grape varieties taking on unique personalities in different locations.