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    Margaret River, Western Australia, McHenry Hohnen Wines stands as a testament to the region's rich winemaking history and commitment to producing exceptional wines. Established in 2004 by the collaborative efforts of David Hohnen and Murray McHenry, this winery has swiftly risen to prominence for its dedication to sustainable practices, artisanal craftsmanship, and the production of distinctive wines that capture the essence of the Margaret River terroir.

    A Rich History and Commitment to Quality

    The story of McHenry Hohnen Wines begins with David Hohnen, a pioneering figure in the Australian wine industry. Hohnen's family has deep roots in Western Australia, and his experience founding Cape Mentelle and Cloudy Bay has earned him international acclaim. Partnering with Murray McHenry, whose family has been farming in Margaret River for five generations, they combined their expertise to create wines that reflect the unique character of their vineyards.

    The Vineyards and Terroir

    McHenry Hohnen Wines boasts several meticulously tended vineyards across Margaret River, each contributing distinct qualities to their wines. The Burnside and Calgardup vineyards are renowned for their gravelly soils and proximity to the coast, imparting minerality and complexity to the grapes. These vineyards are sustainably managed, with a focus on organic and biodynamic principles to enhance soil health and grape quality.

    The wines are sourced from their family estate of three vineyards, all located in the southern part of the Margaret River Wine Region: Hazel’s Vineyard and Farm, Calgardup Brook Vineyard and Burnside Vineyard. For decades, founder and owner Murray McHenry has been a leading proponent in pushing the viticultural boundaries of this pristine region. While his portfolio is grounded in Chardonnay and Bordeaux varieties, they are also well regarded for less traditional varieties for this region such as Marsanne, Roussanne, Grenache, Mataro and Zinfandel.

    "We see our role as stewards of the land and have implemented organic farming practices for many years to create the optimal conditions for soil health and the quality of the grapes harvested. Our winemaking team craft wines that pay homage to the site of origin and use low impact techniques combined with an acute attention to detail to achieve the goal of the finest site specific wines."


    Founder Murray McHenry

    Murray was born into a hotelier family, and created a successful chain of fine wine stores across Perth. He has since developed their Nedlands Hotel Steve's into a Perth landmark, complete with an extraordinary array of the greatest wines from Australia and overseas for purchase or consumption at the large restaurant.

    In 1984 he planted his first vines in Margaret River at our Burnside Vineyard, selling grapes for many years to Cape Mentelle, then owned by Hohnen. In 1994 he and partner Brian Sierakowski began the development of the 30-hectare Calgardup Brook Vineyard, planting chardonnay in 2006.

    McHenry's vineyard developments continued in 1998 with the purchase of a 75-hectare farm on Rocky Road, planting chardonnay, zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon, making single vineyard wines from those three varieties.

    "All of our wine is created from our family-owned vineyards. Each site has been hand-selected for its individual site characteristics and aspect to sunlight."

    The Range of Wines

    The portfolio of McHenry Hohnen Wines is a testament to their dedication to quality and diversity. From crisp, elegant Chardonnays that showcase the region's cool climate to robust, structured Cabernet Sauvignons that embody the warmth of Margaret River, each wine is a reflection of its terroir and the skilled craftsmanship of the winemaking team.

    Among their standout offerings, the McHenry Hohnen Hazel's Vineyard Chardonnay has garnered attention for its balance of citrus and stone fruit flavors, underpinned by a subtle minerality. The Rocky Road Shiraz, sourced from the family's estate vineyard, exemplifies Margaret River's ability to produce elegant, cool-climate reds with notes of dark berries and spice.

    Awards and Accolades

    Over the years, McHenry Hohnen Wines has accumulated a wealth of accolades that underscore their commitment to excellence. Their wines have consistently received high ratings from renowned critics and publications, further cementing their reputation as one of Margaret River's premier wineries. Notable awards include multiple 90+ ratings from James Halliday's Wine Companion and recognition at prestigious wine competitions both domestically and internationally.

    Sustainability Initiatives

    Beyond crafting exceptional wines, McHenry Hohnen is deeply committed to sustainable viticulture and environmental stewardship. They have implemented practices such as organic farming, water conservation measures, and biodiversity enhancement to preserve the land for future generations. Their dedication to sustainability extends to the winery operations, where energy-efficient practices and waste reduction initiatives are a priority.