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    The Standish Wine Company

    The Standish Wine Company has carved out a prestigious niche in the world of fine wines. Known for their exceptional Shiraz, the winery has a rich history, a meticulous winemaking process, a passionate winemaker at the helm, and numerous accolades that affirm its status in the wine industry.


    The Standish Wine Company was established in 1999 by Dan Standish, a sixth-generation winemaker whose family’s involvement in viticulture dates back to the 19th century. The Standish family originally hailed from the Clare Valley before establishing roots in the Barossa Valley, a region celebrated for its robust and flavorful Shiraz wines. This historical backdrop provided Dan Standish with a deep-seated appreciation and understanding of winemaking, which he has channeled into creating wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Barossa Valley.

    Dan's vision was to produce wines that were not only reflective of the region's storied history but also showcased modern winemaking techniques. His dedication to preserving traditional methods while embracing innovation has allowed The Standish Wine Company to produce wines that are both timeless and contemporary.

     Winemaker Dan Standish

    Small batch, beautifully crafted wines with an insatiable cult following

    Dan Standish’s passion for winemaking is deeply rooted in his family history. After studying oenology and gaining experience working in both Australia and abroad, he returned to the Barossa Valley to establish his own label. Dan's philosophy revolves around producing wines that are an authentic representation of their origins. He is a firm believer in the adage that great wine is made in the vineyard, and this belief guides every decision he makes.

    Dan’s approach is one of reverence for traditional methods combined with a willingness to experiment and innovate. His deep understanding of the Barossa Valley's unique terroir allows him to craft wines that are not only reflective of the region's character but also stand out for their elegance and complexity.

    The Standish Shiraz Collection

    The hallmark of Standish Wine Company is its collection of powerful and elegant Shiraz wines. Each wine in the portfolio is a single-vineyard expression, highlighting the distinct characteristics of different Barossa sub-regions.

    The Standish Shiraz: Sourced from the original family vineyard in Vine Vale, this wine is known for its profound depth, rich dark fruit flavors, and velvety tannins. It encapsulates the essence of Barossa Valley Shiraz with its intensity and complexity.

    The Relic Shiraz Viognier: A nod to the Northern Rhône style, this blend combines Shiraz with a touch of Viognier. The result is a wine with vibrant aromatics, lifted by floral notes and a seamless texture that adds an extra layer of finesse to the bold Shiraz base.

    The Schubert Theorem Shiraz: From a vineyard in Marananga, this wine boasts a robust structure and concentrated flavors of blackberry, licorice, and spice. Its powerful profile is balanced by a remarkable freshness and fine-grained tannins.

    The Lamella Shiraz: Hailing from a cooler site in Eden Valley, the Lamella is distinguished by its elegance and finesse. It offers a more refined expression with bright red fruit, floral nuances, and a long, mineral-driven finish.

    Accolades and Recognition

    The Standish Wine Company has garnered significant acclaim both domestically and internationally. Their wines are regularly praised for their exceptional quality, with particular emphasis on their depth, balance, and aging potential. Some of the accolades and recognitions include:

    High Ratings from Wine Critics: The wines of The Standish Wine Company consistently receive high scores from respected wine critics and publications. Renowned wine critic Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate has frequently awarded high marks to their Shiraz, often highlighting the wine's complexity, richness, and impeccable balance.

    International Awards: The winery has also achieved success in various international wine competitions, securing medals and trophies that affirm its position among the world's best. These accolades underscore the universal appeal and quality of their wines.

    Esteemed Wine Listings: The wines are featured on the wine lists of some of the world's most prestigious restaurants and wine cellars. This level of recognition is a testament to the winery’s commitment to excellence and the high regard in which their wines are held by sommeliers and wine enthusiasts alike.

    Collector’s Favorites: Many of the wines from The Standish Wine Company have become highly sought after collectibles, prized for their ability to age gracefully and develop even greater complexity over time. This aspect of their wines has garnered a loyal following among wine collectors and connoisseurs.

    You've got to be quick and determined to get your hands on The Standish Wine Company creations. They are rare, coveted works of art. Winemaker Dan and his wife Nicole send one email a year to their mailing list.....just one. Despite the ongoing devotion, the couple was surprised at how quickly their 2019 vintage releases were snapped up. "One of the wines sold out in 52 minutes". We were flabbergasted.