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    Fox Creek Wines began its journey in 1984 when a group of friends and family, led by Jim and Helen Watts, acquired a historic property in McLaren Vale. Driven by a shared passion for viticulture and winemaking, they transformed this scenic landscape into a thriving vineyard. Their commitment to quality and innovation laid the foundation for what would become one of the region's most esteemed wineries.

    The Early Years

    The historic land they acquired had already seen over a century of agricultural use, primarily for dairy farming and viticulture. Embracing the legacy of the land, the Watts family meticulously revitalized the vineyards, focusing on sustainable practices and innovative viticulture techniques. This dedication laid the foundation for the exceptional quality and distinctive character that Fox Creek Wines are known for today.

    In the early years, Fox Creek's focus was primarily on Shiraz, a varietal perfectly suited to McLaren Vale’s climate and soil. The early success of their Shiraz wines quickly established Fox Creek as a producer of note. Over the decades, the winery expanded its repertoire, cultivating other varietals and blending techniques, all while maintaining the core principles of quality and sustainability.

    In early 2021, Ben Gibson, Jock Harvey, and Dim Georgiadis—long-time friends and industry veterans—acquired the winery. Their shared passion for the local community is central to the Fox Creek Wines philosophy. This new ownership marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, dedicated to maintaining the winery's rich heritage and enhancing its future.

    The Vineyard

    Located in the heart of McLaren Vale, the vineyard benefits from a unique combination of climate, soil, and topography. The region's Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters, is ideal for growing a diverse range of grape varieties. The vineyard's rich, red clay soil and strategic site selection allows it to cultivate grapes that produce wines with exceptional flavor, structure, and complexity.

    Winemaking Philosophy

    At Fox Creek Wines, the winemaking philosophy is rooted in a deep respect for tradition and a relentless pursuit of excellence. They employ sustainable viticulture practices and innovative winemaking techniques to craft wines that express the true character of the region. Their team of skilled winemakers carefully oversees each step of the process, from grape selection to bottling, ensuring that every bottle meets high standards of quality.

    Award-Winning Wines

    Fox Creek Wines has earned a reputation for producing wines of outstanding quality, with numerous awards and accolades to our name. The portfolio includes a diverse range of varietals, each crafted to highlight the unique attributes of McLaren Vale. Their Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay are particularly celebrated, showcasing the rich flavors and complexity that their vineyard is capable of producing.

    National Accolades: In Australia, Fox Creek has consistently performed well at major wine shows, including the Royal Adelaide Wine Show and the McLaren Vale Wine Show. Their wines have received numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals, cementing their status as leading producers in the region.

    International Recognition: On the international stage, Fox Creek wines have been recognized at competitions such as the International Wine Challenge and the Decanter World Wine Awards. These accolades highlight the global appeal and exceptional quality of their wines. For instance, their flagship Shiraz has been awarded multiple trophies and high scores from prominent wine critics and publications.

    Signature Wines: Some of Fox Creek’s signature wines, such as the Reserve Shiraz and Short Row Shiraz, have become benchmarks in the industry. These wines are often highlighted for their intense flavors, balanced structures, and ability to age gracefully, further showcasing Fox Creek’s winemaking prowess.

    Fox Creek Wines is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and dedication. From humble beginnings to their current status as a celebrated winery, the journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a love for the land.