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Australian Wines of Geelong

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    Boasting a rich history and diverse terroir, Geelong has emerged as one of Australia's premier wine destinations. From its rolling hills to its sun-kissed vineyards, Geelong offers a sensory journey that delights wine enthusiasts and travelers alike. Join us as we explore the distinctive wines and winemaking traditions that define this captivating region.

    A Historic Legacy

    The winemaking history of Geelong dates back to the early 19th century when European settlers first planted vines in the fertile soils of the region. Since then, Geelong has evolved into a dynamic wine hub, renowned for its innovative spirit and commitment to quality. Today, Geelong is home to a thriving community of winemakers, each contributing their unique flair to the region's winemaking tapestry.

    Diverse Terroir and Microclimates

    Geelong's diverse terroir is a defining feature of its winemaking landscape. From the sandy loam soils of the Bellarine Peninsula to the volcanic plains of the Surf Coast and the rich clay soils of the Moorabool Valley, each sub-region offers distinct characteristics that shape the wines produced there. Coupled with a range of microclimates influenced by proximity to the ocean and elevation, Geelong boasts a remarkable diversity of wine styles, from elegant Chardonnays to robust Shiraz.

    Signature Grape Varieties

    Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir thrives in Geelong's cool climate, particularly in the maritime-influenced regions of the Bellarine Peninsula. Geelong Pinot Noirs are prized for their elegance, complexity, and vibrant fruit flavors, reflecting the region's unique terroir. From silky smooth to bold and structured, Geelong Pinot Noirs offer something for every palate.


    Chardonnay is another standout grape variety in Geelong, with the region's cool climate providing ideal conditions for producing premium quality wines. Geelong Chardonnays are characterized by their crisp acidity, balanced by rich fruit flavors and subtle oak influence. Whether unoaked or barrel-fermented, these wines showcase the region's ability to produce world-class white wines.


    Shiraz thrives in Geelong's warmer sub-regions, particularly the Moorabool Valley and the Surf Coast. Geelong Shiraz is known for its depth of flavor, with ripe berry fruit, peppery spice, and velvety tannins. From medium-bodied to full-bodied expressions, Geelong Shiraz offers a range of styles that reflect the diversity of the region.

    Winemaking Excellence

    The winemakers of Geelong are passionate artisans, dedicated to crafting wines that express the unique character of the region. Embracing both traditional and modern winemaking techniques, they strive to capture the essence of the vineyard in every bottle. From hand-harvesting to small-batch fermentation and careful oak maturation, attention to detail is paramount in Geelong winemaking.

    Sustainability and Innovation

    Geelong's winemakers are committed to sustainable practices, recognizing the importance of preserving the region's natural environment for future generations. From organic and biodynamic farming methods to water conservation and biodiversity initiatives, sustainability is at the forefront of the region's viticultural practices. Additionally, Geelong's winemakers are not afraid to push the boundaries of innovation, experimenting with new grape varieties and winemaking techniques to continuously elevate the quality of their wines.

    Climate and Altitude

    With grape-growing land stretching from coast to inland plains, Geelong’s cooler climate varies between maritime and Mediterranean. Low rainfall helps to produce wines with a concentration of flavours, aromas and colour. Geelong is just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne and an easy stop en-route to the Great Ocean Road.

    The weather is relatively cool, with dry conditions, moderate summer days and cool nights year around. Winds often blow in from Port Phillip and Corio Bay.

    Growing Season Rainfall - 298MM

    Mean Temperature - 19.5C

    Altitude - 0 - 396M

    Geelong Winemakers

    The Farr family is an esteemed name in Australian winemaking, known for their dedication to producing exceptional wines that express the unique terroir of their vineyards. Based in the Geelong wine region of Victoria, the Farr family has been crafting wines for generations, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and quality.

    Gary Farr, a legendary figure in Australian winemaking, laid the foundation for the family's winemaking legacy. With a wealth of experience gained from working in renowned wineries both in Australia and overseas, Gary established By Farr Wines in 1994, alongside his wife Robyn and their son Nick.

    By Farr Wines quickly gained recognition for its outstanding Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with Gary's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices setting the standard for excellence in the region. The family's vineyards, located in the cool-climate sub-regions of the Moorabool Valley and the Bannockburn area of Geelong, are planted with carefully selected clones suited to the unique terroir of each site.

    Nick Farr, following in his father's footsteps, has emerged as a talented winemaker in his own right, continuing the family's tradition of producing wines of exceptional quality and distinction with Irrewarra. With a deep respect for the land and a passion for innovation, Nick brings a fresh perspective to the winemaking process, constantly striving to push the boundaries and explore new possibilities.