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The AustralianWineCompany is a fine wine specialist established in the Netherlands providing exclusively premium Australian wines throughout Europe and showcasing the quality, value and uniqueness that makes them truly... Australian.

Through our webshop we've selected over 100 first class wines for you to enjoy including many acclaimed and international award winning producers who have firmly put Australian winemaking on the map and we'll regularly broaden our selection to continuously showcase the very best in Australian winemaking

Australian Wine Made Our Way

Australia’s distinctive weather and terrain have given rise to an autonomous wine culture, teeming with an enthusiastic collective of cultivators, oenologists and winegrowers. Boasting over 100 varietals cultivated within 65 unique wine producing areas, Australia possess the liberty to craft outstanding wines in our signature style. Unconstrained by convention, we relentlessly innovate, striving to create the world’s most varied and exciting wines. This is simply our approach.

South Australian Wines

Australia's most famous wine region

Tasmanian Wines

Celebrated as one of Australia’s finest cool-climate wine-growing areas

Western Australian Wines

One of the most isolated wine regions in the world

Victorian Wines

Victoria is home to more regions and individual wineries than any other state in Australia.

New South Wales Wines

The birthplace of Australian fine wine

The Story of an Australian Legend

Australian Shiraz

It's almost impossible to talk about Australian winemaking without including shiraz. Shiraz is Australia’s stable red grape variety, makes the most popular red wine, and is at the core of the country’s incredible export success.

Shiraz, the cornerstone of Australian winemaking and the most extensively cultivated wine grape in Australia, remains a stalwart of the nation’s viticulture with its robust and mature tastes, coupled with a smooth sipping quality. The country is also renowned for possessing the world’s most ancient Shiraz vineyards, which inspire the naturally inquisitive Australian
vintners to refine time honored techniques and experiment with innovative concepts, leading to the creation of remarkable wines.

Xanadu Wines - Margaret River

Xanadu Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

The Xanadu Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 is a full-bodied red wine from the Margaret River. On the palate, it delivers a core of inky berry fruits like boysenberry, blackcurrants, and Satsuma plums. A great drinking wine for today but will benefit form cellaring for a further 5-10 years.

Xanadu Estate Chardonnay 2021

The Xanadu 2021 Estate Chardonnay is a modern and sophisticated wine that showcases the classic hallmarks of the Margaret River region. It's a medium bodied wine that delivers a delightful array of flavours, including zesty grapefruit, stonefruit, and white pear. This Chardonnay is known for it selegant structure and complexity, offering a balance of powerful fruit flavors and a crisp, dry finish.

Tahbilk Winery, founded in 1860, and dedicated to honoring the practices of classic winemaking - a tribute to the unique qualities of the land.

Tahbilk Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz 2017

Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 2019

Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Australian Winemaking Pioneers
Experience nothing short of exceptional wines from one of Australia's first families of winemaking dating back to 1841 and still producing international award winning wines

Winemakers selection 50th Vintage Release

Tyrrell's 2021 Vat 47 Chardonnay

Premium yarra valley producer

Mount Mary Vineyard

Mount Mary Vineyard

Mount Mary 2018 Quintet


Mount Mary Vineyard

Mount Mary 2018 Chardonnay


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