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    Origins and History

    Spinifex Wines, in the heart of Australia’s Barossa Valley, epitomises the confluence of tradition and innovation in winemaking. The story of Spinifex began in 2001 when Peter Schell and Magali Gely, partners in both business and life, decided to translate their profound love for the art of winemaking into a tangible reality. The couple’s journey into the world of viticulture and vinification was driven by their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for creating expressive, character-driven wines.

    Vineyards and Terroir

    The vineyards that supply Spinifex with their premium grapes are scattered across the Barossa Valley and the nearby Eden Valley. The diversity of these vineyards, each with its unique terroir, is a key element in Spinifex’s winemaking philosophy. The Barossa Valley, renowned for its warm climate and fertile soils, provides an ideal environment for growing robust and intensely flavored grapes. Conversely, the Eden Valley, with its higher elevation and cooler climate, contributes to the complexity and elegance of the wines.

    Spinifex is committed to sustainable and minimal interventionist viticulture. The vineyards are meticulously managed to ensure the health and vitality of the vines, promoting biodiversity and soil health. This hands-on approach extends to the harvest, where grapes are handpicked to ensure only the highest quality fruit makes its way into the winery.

    Winemaker: Peter Schell

    Winemaker of the Year 2019 Finalist

    Peter Schell’s portfolio of wines may seem random, but his experimentation and careful crafting of alternative varieties has produced drops that will keep you coming back for more.

    Winemaking Philosophy

    At the heart of Spinifex Wines is a commitment to creating wines that are a true expression of their origins. Peter and Magali believe in the importance of terroir and strive to reflect the unique characteristics of each vineyard in their wines. This philosophy is underpinned by their minimal intervention approach in the winery. Natural fermentation, the use of indigenous yeasts, and minimal use of new oak are some of the techniques employed to preserve the integrity and purity of the fruit.

    Peter Schell, an Australian native, grew up amidst the rolling landscapes and vibrant wine culture of the Barossa Valley. His extensive experience spans multiple renowned wineries across Australia and France, where he honed his craft under the tutelage of esteemed winemakers. Magali Gely, hailing from a French winemaking family with deep roots in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, brought a wealth of European winemaking traditions and expertise to the partnership. Their combined knowledge and skills laid a robust foundation for what Spinifex Wines would become.

    The winemaking process at Spinifex is both art and science. It begins in the vineyard, where the focus is on growing the best possible grapes. In the winery, the grapes are treated with the utmost respect, with each varietal and vineyard block vinified separately to highlight their individual qualities. The wines are then aged in a combination of French oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, allowing them to develop complexity and depth while retaining their fresh fruit character.

    The Wines

    Spinifex produces a diverse range of wines, each reflecting the distinct personality of the Barossa and Eden Valleys. Their portfolio includes both red and white wines, with a particular emphasis on Rhône varietals, which thrive in the region's climate. Some of the standout wines in their range include:

    • Spinifex Esprit: This flagship wine is a blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro (Mourvèdre), showcasing the rich, spicy, and robust character typical of Barossa reds. It is known for its depth of flavor, complexity, and excellent aging potential.

    • Spinifex Papillon: A blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Carignan, this wine is lighter in style, offering vibrant red fruit aromas, floral notes, and a refreshing acidity. It is a perfect example of the versatility and finesse that can be achieved with Rhône varietals in the Barossa Valley.

    • Spinifex Lola: A white blend featuring Semillon, Clairette, and Ugni Blanc, Lola is a fresh, aromatic wine with citrus and stone fruit flavors, balanced by a crisp acidity and a subtle minerality.

    • Spinifex Shiraz: This single-varietal wine captures the essence of Barossa Shiraz, with its bold blackberry and plum flavors, complemented by hints of spice, chocolate, and well-integrated tannins.

    • Spinifex Rosé: Crafted from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Mataro, this rosé is dry, crisp, and refreshing, with bright red fruit flavors and a delicate floral aroma.

    Awards and Accolades

    Since its inception, Spinifex Wines has garnered critical acclaim both domestically and internationally. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades, solidifying their reputation as one of Australia’s premier boutique wineries.

    • James Halliday’s Wine Companion: Spinifex has consistently received high ratings from Australia’s foremost wine critic, James Halliday. The winery has been awarded a prestigious five-star rating, and several of their wines have scored above 95 points, highlighting their excellence and consistency.

    • International Wine Competitions: Spinifex wines have performed exceptionally well at various international wine competitions, including the Decanter World Wine Awards and the International Wine Challenge. Their wines have received gold medals and trophies, underscoring their global appeal and recognition.

    • Local Awards: At home, Spinifex has been honored with numerous awards at the Barossa Wine Show and the Royal Adelaide Wine Show. These accolades are a testament to their standing within the Australian wine community.

    Through their dedication to showcasing the unique terroir of the Barossa and Eden Valleys, Peter Schell and Magali Gely have created a range of wines that are celebrated for their authenticity, complexity, and elegance. As they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in Australian winemaking, Spinifex Wines remains a name synonymous with excellence and a bright future in the world of wine.