Australian Wines of Beechworth

Australian Wines of Beechworth

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    Brokenwood Indigo Vineyard Chardonnay 2022

    Nestled in the heart of the picturesque High Country, Beechworth boasts a unique terroir and microclimate that have fostered the creation of exceptional wines for generations. Beechworth is renowned for its distinguished winemaking heritage. This charming region, with its undulating landscape and unique microclimate, has cultivated a reputation for producing exceptional cool-climate wines that captivate palates worldwide.

    Beechworth's winemaking story is one of passion, innovation, and dedication to craft. The region's diverse terroir, characterized by its ancient granite soils and elevated vineyards, imparts distinctive characteristics to its wines. From the crisp acidity of its white varietals to the complex flavors of its reds, Beechworth wines reflect the harmony between nature and the expertise of its winemakers.

    Vineyards in Beechworth are often family-owned and operated, with a focus on sustainable practices and minimal intervention winemaking. This hands-on approach allows for the expression of the region's unique terroir in every bottle, resulting in wines of remarkable depth and complexity.

    Wines from the Region


    This bold and complex white wine represents some of Australia’s top Chardonnay.


    Elegant, silky red wine with classic cherry flavours. 


    Refined red wine with a deep dark-red colour and intense red-berry flavours. Most are ready to enjoy immediately but can also be aged for many years.